Resume of Lev Selector, Ph.D.
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November 2014 - Present - Penguin Random House, Consultant, Machine Learning & AI, Big Data Processing and Analysis.
Machine Learning and AI, Business Intelligence/Analytics, Big Data, Data Integration (ETL/ELT), Enterprise Reporting. Python (pandas, numpy, numba, cython), IBM/Netezza, SQL, Redis, Amazon Cloud (EC2 Linux).

April 2012 - April 2014 - Appnexus, Inc., Consultant, Financial Data Analytics.
Responsible for designing and implementing systems for data extraction and aggregation, data analytics, billing, and reporting in a fast growing ad-tech company (AppNexus generates ~60 TB of data per day from its RTB platform).
Technologies: Linux, Python, Pandas, Vertica, Mysql, Hadoop, Hive, git.

April 2010 – April 2012 – JPMorgan Chase & Co., Investment Banking, Consultant
Mortgage Analytics (Structured Products Group). Technologies: Unix/Linux, C/C++, Perl, Python, Sybase, Excel VBA.

2009 - WorldQuant, LLC. Trading Support for algorithmic trading systems
Technologies: Unix, Perl, C++, MySQL, Excel VBA.

2009 - Citigroup. Equity Financing. Consultant
Migration of perl/java/SQL data and analytics jobs from Sybase to MS SQL Server. Data cleaning and validation. Technologies: Unix, Perl, C++, Java, Sybase, MS SQL Server

2007-2008 - HSBC. Asset Management Group. Consultant
Trading support: trade feeds and reports. PnL and risk reports. Analytics. Technologies: Perl, Sybase 12.5, Oracle, Windows Server 2003, Control-M

2006-2007 - Merrill Lynch. Consultant
EFS project (Enterprise File System). Responsible for EFS operations. Technologies: Unix, Perl, C/C++, Oracle, Sybase, NAS filers, NFS

2005-2006 - JPMorgan Chase. Consultant
Joint Distribution System (JDS). Database architecture, ETL, database performance tuning, automation of testing/deployment. Technologies: Unix, Perl, Java, Sybase

2004-2005 - CSFB, Prime Services. Programmer
Data Warehouse development and support. Products, pricing, risk, PnL. Technologies: Perl, shell scripts, Sybase, CGI, Java servlets / Weblogic server

2000-2003 - Goldman Sachs. FICC (Fixed Income Currencies and Commodities). Consultant
Development and maintaining of the OE (Organizational Entities) system – a web-based application with database of all FICC clients, their accounts, business interests, people and contact information. Technologies: Unix, Perl, C++, Java, Sybase, DB2, Informatica

2000 - Morgan Stanley. Consultant
Web application for portfolio management. Technologies: Unix, Perl, Java, Sybase

1999-2000 Cantor Fitzgerald / Espeed. Programmer
Distributed Trading System (DTS). Added history system and deployment system. Created documentation website. Technologies: Perl, mod_perl / cgi, Java, Sybase

1998-1999 Waterhouse Securities. Programmer
Development of online brokerage website. Technologies: Unix, Perl/cgi, web-design, Oracle

1994-1998 Infolink International, Inc. Project Lead
Web design for Business Clients. Technologies: Unix, Perl, HTML, Adobe Photoshop

1991-1994 Columbia University. Staff Associate
Mathematical modeling of dynamics of organic molecules. Programs were written in C and distributed to several unix computers in different labs, operations were controlled from one desktop Macintosh computer, results were fed from unix to Mac, custom programs (Mac C++ and IGOR software ) were used to automatically process the results

1981-1991 National Cardiology Research Center, Moscow, Russia. Researcher