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Philip Greenspun philip.greenspun.com/ - Philip Greenspun's personal site
http://unicast.org/arsdigita/ - documents of a legal case
http://philip.greenspun.com/panda/ - Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
philip.greenspun.com/humor/ - humor
philip.greenspun.com/careers/ - Career Guide for Engineers and Computer Scientists
philip.greenspun.com/site-map - good starting point
www.webho.com/WealthClock - Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock
philip.greenspun.com/bg/ - How to Become As Rich As Bill Gates
db.photo.net/dating/ - the game
arsdigita.com/wp/display/24657/ - one day lecture ( local copy - 1 long page )

arsdigita.com - main site
www.arsdigita.com/products/modules - list of modules with links to short descriptions
arsdigita.com/asj/ - ArsDigita Systems Journal
openacs.org - OpenACS (Open ArsDigita Community System) is an advanced toolkit for building scalable, community-oriented web applications. It relies on AOLserver, a web/application server, and PostgreSQL, a true ACID-compliant RDBMS.
http://aduni.org/university/ - ArsDigita University
arsdigita.com/bboard/q-and-a.tcl?topic=web/db - web/db forum
arsdigita.com/bboard/q-and-a.tcl?topic=Java - Java forum

Books online:
arsdigita.com/books/panda/ - Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
arsdigita.com/books/sql/ - SQL for Web Nerd
arsdigita.com/books/tcl/- Tcl for Web Nerds

Some Articles:
arsdigita.com/asj/collaboration - Adding Collaboration to a Web Site
arsdigita.com/asj/application-servers/ - Scalability, Three-Tiered Architectures, and Application Servers

arsdigita.com/asj/wireless/ - Adding Wireless Users To Your Web Service
arsdigita.com/asj/imode/ - i-Mode Mobile Browser Support in ACS

arsdigita.com/asj/nielsen/ - What can we learn from Jakob Nielsen "Designing Web Usability".
arsdigita.com/asj/j2ee/ - Building Web-Based Communities with Java 2 Enterprise Edition

arsdigita.com/asj/professionalism - Redefining Professionalism for Software Engineers
arsdigita.com/asj/funding-open-source/ - Supporting an Open-Source Software Products Company with Service Revenues

arsdigita.com/asj/cvs - Using CVS for Web Development
arsdigita.com/asj/version-control/ - Version Control for Web Development using CVS

arsdigita.com/asj/webmail/ - Design and Implementation of a Web-based Email System
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photo.net - Phil Greenspun original photo site

away.com - community of world travelers
site59.com - high quality, good value, travel and entertainment packages
scorecard.org/ - the ultimate source for local environmental information

mitpress.mit.edu/ - MIT Press book store
givingcapital.com - givingcapital provide your nonprofit organization with the ability to run online fundraising campaigns.

muniversal.com - Muniversal Electronic Trading System (municipal bonds).
WineAccess.com - the nation's leading online wine exchange
sharenet.arsdigita.com/portal.htm - Siemens Information and Communication Networks Group

uslaw.com - Internet-based, real-time provider of legal information
infirmation.com/ - the leading Internet community for lawyers, and home of The Insider's Guide to Law Firms

idevelop2000.com/index.adp - Oracle's Premier event for developer education and training