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ASP - Application Service provider
(ASP is also an abbreviation for Microsoft Active Server Pages).
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ASP - providing applications/services over the Internet. For provider it is easier to deliver service this way. It is possible to rent them out on a pay-per-use or yearly license basis. For client it may be more affordable to use such outsourced services than to keep and maintain them inhouse.

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ASPs - Hewlett-Packard, SAP, Qwest, Microsoft (plans to offer BackOffice products, including SQL Server, Exchange and Windows Server)

Large corporations are essentially providing their own ASP service in-house, moving applications off personal computers and putting them on a special kind of application server that is designed to handle the stripped-down kind of thin client workstation. This allows an enterprise to reassert the central control over application cost and usage that corporations formerly had in the period prior to the advent of the PC.

Microsoft's Terminal Server product and Citrix's WinFrame products are leading thin-client application server products.

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