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Philip Greenspun and Arsdigita home - top of the page -

philip.greenspun.com/ - Philip Greenspun's personal site
arsdigita.com/books/panda/ - Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
arsdigita.com - main site
www.arsdigita.com/products/modules - list of modules with links to short descriptions
arsdigita.com/asj/ - ArsDigita Systems Journal

Perl-based community systems home - top of the page -

http://scoop.kuro5hin.org/   &  http://scoop.sourceforge.net/ - Perl/MySQL - community system - best place to start - download this code.  Scoop (which stands for "Scoop Is Not A Recursive Acronym", by the way) started out as an improved replacement for the Slash weblog system.  It has since grown into a fairly full-featured content management/discussion engine.

www.slashdot.org - site run by Rob Malda ( http://cmdrtaco.net/rob.shtml ) - written in Perl, and available for download
http://slashcode.com/ - the slashdot.org code and patches

www.infopop.com/business/business_ubb.html - UBB is probably the single most popular web-based message board system in the world!  It is written entirely in Perl, and has a huge developer community that has been releasing add-ons for it for a long time.

www.hotscripts.com/Perl/ - good starting point to do research on community systems. Just look at their "Most Popular"  and "Top Rated" sections.

www.metadot.com/metadot/index.pl - MetaDot Portal Server is a Perl / MySQL-based Web portal server that provides content and community management user customization. Users can have their own public project area to share information and do virtual collaboration just using point & click technology. MetaDot portal server software includes many built-in features like user registration, directory services, online discussions, user's My Page, self publication of newsfeeds(XML, RSS), portal management and monitoring tools, look and feel customization. It can be extended in functionality by adding MetaDot Gizmos plug-ins.

www.tc.ca/commport/ - CommPort - A "Community Portal" generator (Perl / MySQL).  Each user gets a personal portal page to which they can add their own "channels" or select from a growing list of pre-prepared local, national and international content. This allows any individual to always have a page of their own personal favourites in front of them. Channels may be either "active" with continually updated content such as weather or news headlines or "passive" with collections of links. Features: User customizable portal page, Imports standard RSS files for use as channels, Automatic export of channels as RSS, Multiple user access levels, and Internationalization.

http://ans.gq.nu/ - Avenger's News System (ANS) is a PERL-based solution to creating an easy-to-update and easy-to-maintain web site. Instead of constantly uploading new news pages and wrestling with HTML, you can post stuff via a web-based form

www.akopia.com/product.html - Akopia Interchange is the industry's leading open-source e-commerce application platform which combines the robust engine of MiniVend with Tallyman's ease of use. Key features include: Intuitive Store Management Interface, Dynamic or Static HTML page creation, Configurable Order Reports, Fully-configurable Coupons and Discounts, Configurable Quantity, Pricing Supports Multiple Fulfillment Houses, Automated Installation and Configuration, Supports Embedded Perl and ASP-link Syntax, Tax Calculations, Shipping Calculations, Multiple Shopping Carts, Built-in Support for Cybercash, Customer UI Tools, Search Engine, Supports Cookies, SSL direct compatibility Built-in Database Supports all major databases including Oracle and MySQL, PGP Support, and more.

http://amphibian.gagames.com/newspro/ - NewsPro is a CGI/Perl script used to update a news page on a Web site. Some of its features include: easy install & configuration, supports multiple users and secure login via "cookies", easy to change the way your news looks, ability to quickly remove or edit previously posted news, auto-deletion and auto-archiving of old news, and news search engine.

http://neomail.sourceforge.net/ - NeoMail is a web-based e-mail client that can be installed on any UNIX mail server that is also running a web server. It requires Perl 5, suidperl, and NO additional modules to run. It supports sending and receiving messages and attachments, user preferences (including user-selected style support) and address books.

www.althepal.com/ - This is a Web-based email program written in Perl. Features include: Check email through POP3 account, Send email through SMTP account, View text and image attachments on web page, Save attachments to disk or to web site, Add attachments to outgoing mail from upload directory or another email, Folders (See number of messages, number unread, folder size in kB), Add, rename, delete folders, Delete all messages from folder, mark all messages in folder as read, Search (By folder, time, from, subject, body), Upload files (Personal area for managing incoming and outgoing attachments), Forward or Reply to messages with some or all attachments, Address Book with Nick Name field for email adddress shortcuts, Add to address book from incoming mail addresses (including other recipients.), Add addresses to mail from address book, Change personal info or password, Security (Password access, Session timeout, Logout), and User creates own account.

www.hotscripts.com/Detailed/4969.html- CGINews is a multi-user Web site news posting system written in Perl. Main features include: adding, updating, and deleting news entries, multi-user functionality, sections, access levels, logs, highly-configurable layout, file upload, binary attachments and more.

www.mawic.de/mwforum/ - mwForum is an open-source, Web-based discussion forum system. mwForum is based on Perl CGI scripts, uses a MySQL database and is compatible with mod_perl for optimal performance. mwForum's design goals are comfortable operation and administration, stability, security and speed, a professional and consistent look, and lean and clean code to make customization easy.

http://sourceforge.net/projects/cobs/ - Community Observation System on SourceForge
     (as of March 2001 - no files posted yet)

www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UseModWiki - a "wiki" is a website that is collaboratively edited by its users, including the ability to alter text written by other users.

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http://keskydee.com/scripts.php - Affiliates Program perl/php script