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  ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning.
  CRM - Customer Relationship Management.
  PRM - Partner Relationship Management
  SCM - Supply Chain Management
  SRM - Supply Relationship Management
  LMS - Learning Management System
  HR - Human Resources

  e-learning for corporate clients (niche custom) - streaming and internet

Packages for HR (Human Resource), accounting, inventory planning and purchasing, customer service, tracking orders, etc..  Traditionally they were run on mainframes, but now they migrate on Unix and even on NT.  Usually extremely expensive (easily can cost 5-10-20 mln $ for installation - and more).  The trend is more and more towards IT outsourcing. For installation clients usually invite consultants - and pay them VERY well.
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The top ERP are Peoplesoft, SAP and J. D. Edwards.
The top CRM are Siebel, Clarify and Vantive.
   CRM    edata.com - data warehousing (Seisint.com, formerly known as eData.com)
              answerfriend.com - intelligent agents

  ERP - SAP  Vantive CRM
   HR  - Peoplesoft - Clarify CRM

• www.asera.com  B2B Exchange

• www.Accenturetechventures.com

wireless • channelpoint.com - ChannelPoint is a leading provider of Internet based, business-to-business solutions (software applications and professional services) to streamline and automate the insurance distribution process to facilitate end-to-end transaction processing.
EAI (Enterprise Application integration)
• seebeyond.com ,
• vitria.com ,

Here are several links:
• www.peoplesoft.com - Peoplesoft home page
• www.sap-ag.de - SAP home page (see also www.sapfaq.com )
• www.jdedwards.com - J. D. Edwards home page

    • www.siebel.com - Siebel Systems (eBusiness, CRM). "It costs seven times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to keep a current customer". Increase company productivity by providing everyone in your company with a single, comprehensive view of every customer-at every touchpoint-and across all channels.  Build customer loyalty and profitability by offering unparalleled levels of customer service and support.
         • www.usi.net/solutions/training/courses.html?softTrack_id=1007&software=Siebel - Siebel Courses
    • www.clarify.com/reroute_page.html - clarify.com is now on nortelnetworks.com
    • www.vantive.com - was acquired by PeopleSoft
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• www.geac.com - home page
• Lawson Software, inc.
• Great Plains Software
• Clarus Corp.
• Baan
• Platinum Software
• Trade'ex
• Envive Corp
• Intentia
• www.pmihrm.com/p7.html - Peoplesoft, SAP, Dun and Bradstreet, etc.
• www.integralsys.com/public/products.htm- brief descr. of ISI Integral
• www.jatnet.com/pages/index3.htm - big consulting company specializing in ISI Integral |
• www.dbsoftware.com | www.oracle.com | www.genesys-soft.com | www.hrintellect.com | www.benefitslink.com/software.shtml |

• www.BlackHog.com - BlackHog™ provides the first web-based application for managing the most difficult collaboration and transactional aspects of Supplier Relationship Management.

• www.KnowledgePlanet.com -  KnowledgePlanet Brings E-learning to the Enterprise:
 - measure employee skills and improve performance,
 - provide corporate training
 - manage assessment and training content.

customizable, XML and eHR portals support.  Fast time2market, improved customer relations, and improved employee retention.

• www.ilearning.com/ -
• www.remedy.com -
• sdweb02.peregrine.com/prgn_corp_ap/pstHomePage.cfm -

Scopus - was bought by Siebel