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or what you can see out of the windows of your office.
click for 97KB image:

This picture is taken by Olympus D-460Zoom digital camera from the MD-11 aircraft window on my flight from Europe. You can use this photo (click to get large version) as your desktop background (depending on your desktop settings you may need to convert it to BMP format).

In 1999-2000 I was working on 103rd floor of the World Trade Center in Downtown New York City (WTC building #1 - the one with antenna) as an employee of a Cantor Fitzgerald / ESpeed. In a tragic events of September 11th, 2001 both buildings were completely destroyed and thousands of people were killed (including hundreds of people at Cantor Fitzgerald):

Click on the image below to see full-sized view of the downtown today (memorial lights):

Below are views from the windows of 103th floor made in 2000 - I made these pictures almost 2 years before tragic events:
Manhattan (looking North) - click for 256KB image:
Brooklyn bridge - click for 422 KB image:
Statue of Liberty - click for 188KB image:
New Jersey - click for 187KB image: