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BEA Systems - WebLogic home - top of the page -

BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS) is the E-Commerce Transactions Company™, powering many of the world's most innovative companies (Amazon.com, Federal Express, E*TRADE, United Airlines, DIRECTV, Qwest, Nokia, Kaiser-Permanente, etc.). BEA has 52 offices in 24 countries, is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and is on the Web at http://www.beasys.com BEA Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS) - provides one of the best application servers - WebLogic.
• www.beasys.com - home page
• www.bea.com/ - home page
• developer.bea.com/ - developer
• www.weblogic.com = http://edocs.bea.com/ - documentation
• www.weblogic.com/docs51/classdocs/ - documentation (developer guides)
• community.borland.com/article/0,1410,23147,00.html - Integrating Weblogic into Jbuilder
• developer.bea.com/ref/ed.html - training and tutorials
• http://newsgroups.bea.com - many newsgroups
• www.trgi.com/training/CourseOutline.jsp?CourseNumber=17022 - BEA 5-day $3,000 course for certification
• training.bea.com/training/CertificationProgram.html - Certification
• www.bea.com/partners/index.shtml - become a partner with BEA
• www.beasys.com/download.html - downloads
       (documentation comes with the download)
• www.bea.com/evalnet - EVALNET - place to ask technical questions
• www.weblogic.com/platforms/index.html - platforms support page (Linux, etc.)
• www.webgain.com - buy WebLogic + Visual Cafe + Dreamweaver
• debugging jsp's using Weblogic and Visual Cafe:

Books home - top of the page -
• Professional Java 2 Enterprise Edition with BEA WebLogic Server -- by Francisco Gomez, Peter Zadrozny;  Very good.
• Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans and the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition -- by Ed Roman
• Enterprise Javabeans : Developing Component-Based Distributed Applications -- by Thomas C. Valesky

BEA Products home - top of the page -


Application Servers and related products:
Weblogic Server,
Weblogic Express Server
Weblogic M-Commerce Solution,
WebGain Studio
WebLogic jDriver Family
WebLogic Enterprise
BEA WebLogic Log Central

tuxedo/ - Tuxedo
jolt/ - Jolt

Commerce Servers:
WebLogic Commerce Server,
WebLogic Personalization Server

E-Business integration:
WebLogic Collaborate
WebLogic Process Integrator
WebLogic Java Adapter for Mainframe
eLink Integration Server
eLink Data Integration
eLink Business Process Option
eLink Integrator for HP Changengine
eLink Adapters (for Mainframe, TCP, SNA, for OSI TP)
eLink Adapter Development Kit
The BEA WebLogic family of servers includes:
• www.beasys.com/products/weblogic - list of all WebLogic products 
   • www.bea.com/products/weblogic/server/ - BEA WebLogic Server, 
   • www.bea.com/products/weblogic/enterprise/ - BEA WebLogic Enterprise 
   • www.bea.com/products/weblogic/commerce/ - BEA WebLogic Commerce Server. 

• www.bea.com/press/releases/2000/0501_certified_professional.html - BEA Certified Professional Program: 
     - BEA WebLogic Server Developer Certification
     - BEA WebLogic Server Administrator,
     - BEA WebLogic Enterprise Developer,
     - BEA WebLogic Enterprise Administrator,
     - BEA WebLogic Commerce Server Developer

BEA Tuxedo:
• www.beasys.com/products/tuxedo/index_tux.html - BEA Tuxedo - platform for building e-commerce systems
• www.beasys.com/products/jolt - BEA Jolt is a Java-based interface - provides a bridge between Java based Web servers and traditional procedural Tuxedo applications.
• www.beasys.com/products/builder - BEA Tuxedo Builder is a collection of products that support the development of BEA Tuxedo applications with popular 3rd party development tools (MS Visual Basic & C++, Sybase PowerBuilder, Rational Rose).
• www.beasys.com/products/manager - BEA Manager - to monitor and control BEA Tuxedo and BEA WebLogic Enterprise applications ( integrate with Enterprise Management Consoles, alarm notification and consolidation of log files).

BEA eLink™ Family:
• www.beasys.com/products/elink - BEA eLink™ - enterprise application integration (EAI) products

BEA MessageQ:
• www.beasys.com/products/messageq - message software

Certification home - top of the page -

• www.trgi.com/training/CourseOutline.jsp?CourseNumber=17022 - BEA 5-day $3,000 course for certification
• training.bea.com/training/CertificationProgram.html - Certification

BEA WebLogic Server Developer Certification Test:
   48 questions, multiple choice, 60 min, passing score - 72%.

Test Objectives:
Overall Application Design:
 - Determines the mechanism for managing client-specific state (e.g., Cookies, URL rewriting, hidden tags, HTTP sessions, etc.) 
 - Designs a layered solution from a given multi-tiered architecture 
 - Designs and develops a solution to manage the decoupling of model from presentation 
 - Designs and develops model persistence using JDBC 

Controller Development:
 - Designs and develops Java Servlets conforming to the JSDK 2.1 
 - Builds thread-safe, multi-user server-side programs 
 - Uses HttpSession objects to manage client-specific data on the server 
 - Knows when and how to use Cookies appropriately 
 - Writes code to handle error conditions 
 - Builds and uses Java components to communicate between application layers (e.g., JavaBeans) 
 - Examines HttpServletRequest objects in order to process client requests 
 - Sets properties of the HttpServletResponse and HttpServletRequest objects for controlling presentation content and application behavior 
 - Configure Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) transactional behavior, and use Java Transaction API (JTA). 
 - Perform load balancing of replicated application servers to achieve maximal performance. 

Presentation Development:
Modifies/constructs Web pages, to provide dynamic content using JSP B. Understands the JSP 1.1 Specification 

Knows BEA WebLogic Server architecture and terminology (e.g., startup sequence, what is plugin, admin server, managed servers, property storage, etc.) 
Installs and configures the BEA WebLogic Server 
Defines and/or configures Application Servers, Virtual Hosts, Web Applications, Web Resources, JDBC drivers, JSP enablers, Datasources, named servlets, Servlet Engines, and Web Paths 
Configures Session Manager options 
Uses the administrative console 
Starts, stops, and restarts Application Servers, Web Applications, and Servlet Engines 

Interprets trace and log files to locate and solve problems 
Identifies and resolves concurrent programming issues 
Identifies misbehaving servlets and JSPs 
Identifies performance tuning opportunities 

Here is a quote from a printout of scores of a friend of mine after first attempt of passing the exam:
1. Design and build reusable Enterprise components - 54%
2. Design and build web components JSPs and Servlets including vendor spec -  71%
3. Develop client which access the enterprise components - 75%
4. Demonstrated Database connectivity and connection pooling - 100% 
5. Handle issues facing transactionaly aware EJBs - 57%
6. Configure, package and deploy EJB, Servlets and JSPs - 83%
7. Use vendor-specific tools to validate, monitor and manage server - 80%
8. Configure servers for clustering, load balancing and fail-over capabilities - 40%

More personal memories:
Many questions about transactions and interfaces
Many questions on context - EJB context, session, bean life cycle for all beans
Specific questions about misc. configuration (properties) files - have to know directories, files and their syntax.
How to register EJB, Servlets, JSPs, how to work with XML.
EJB 1.0 is different from 1.1 - answer as if 1.1
Clusters - stubs, configuration, how it works.
Connections, connection pooling.
1 question about COM objects (how to call EJBeans from COM)
1 question on CORBA (detailed, which server is responsible for smth.)

Why use Weblogic home - top of the page -

Why use Weblogic?

Well, if all you need is to run Servlets and JSP - you may live fine with Apache/Tomcat or any other descent Servlet container or application server.

But if you need more - then consider Weblogic. It gives you many built-in capabilities, which makes it much easier to integrate your application into existing infrastructure and reduce your "Time2Market".  For example, JMS (messaging), tools to communicate to Microsoft clients (COM/DCOM), CORBA support, database drivers and connection pooling, JNDI (Naming & Directory), built in security. Clusterring (to handle mission critical high-availability applications).  EJB container and transactional support. Support for wireless applications,  solutions for large e-commerce deployments.

Most important, Weblogic is a well tested solution, favorite among ISVs, ASPs, and SIs (Independent Software Vendors, Application Service Providers, & System Integrators (SIs)).