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Examples of useful applets:
   Date & time
   vertical smooth scroller
   horizontal smooth scroller
   Rubik's cube
   Rotating cube
Applets home - top of the page -

Applets - java code running in-browser. Check on www.whatis.com.

Java Applets [javasoft.com]
java.sun.com/products/plugin - plugin (to use Swing in your applet)
www.jars.com - a lot of java stuff (with code examples and good search) - a Gamelan ( www.gamelan.com ) site
javaboutique.internet.com - many Java applets, news, reviews, how-tos, FAQs
yahoo directory of applet sites
www.opencube.com - many good applets (scrollers, etc.)

Anfy Java - applets for effects and navigation.
ET Applets - collection of small and fast Java applets to make your web page come alive.
J-Track - a Java applet which tracks dozens of satellites including the Space Shuttle, Mir, COBE, UARS, and Hubble right in your browser.
Java as Lv1 - applets galore.
Java City 2000 - collection of Java scripts and Applets together with an online warping page.
Java on the Brain - Karl Hornell's applet center.

Lanimator - creates layered animations for your web page.
NetCharts - collection of Java powered HTML configurable chart applets including a bar chart, xy chart, pie chart, box chart, and diagram applet.
Nizze's Java Applets
Opsis - Java applet that can be used to teach balanced binary search tree algorithms. Unique in that it combines elements of programming, proof, and animation to enhance learning.
RealApplets.com - applets include entertainment, games, and tools.
SGF Viewer Applet - SGF is an XML Metadata format for describing the structure of a web site. The applet gets SGF metadata and builds an interactive site map.

Simple Web Resources - downloadable, free Java applet and JavaScript collection for beginners.
Spirograph - An interactive Spirograph applet.
Ted's Virtual Java Guitar Applet - strum a six string Java guitar applet. Finger notes and chords on the frets.
Vasile's Java Classes and Applets - sending/reading e-mail, a spy for your pages and tabbed panels for Java.
Wavelet Cascade Applet - Java applet allows the interactive calculation and display of a two parameter family of scaling functions and wavelets using the cascade algorithm.
WebAgent - checks web pages for updates and sounds an alarm when they change. You will need a browser which includes Java 1.1 or better to use this.

www.wsabstract.com/java/index.shtml - Free applets from Website Abstraction
www.softseek.com/Internet/Web_Publishing_Tools - SoftSeek
www.davecentral.com/javacoll.html - Applets on Dave Central
www.objectsfusion.com/applets/graphics.html - cool applets

Java Decompilers home - top of the page -

If you see the applet you like, but the source code is not provided, you can almost always decompile it and make it work with just little extra work. Even if it was obfuscated somehow (names substituted by meaningless id-s).

There are many decompilers.  You can start with Jad:
- http://kpdus.tripod.com/jad.html#download - Jad - the fast JAva Decompiler
Download it, unzip, place in the path - and you can use it from DOS prompt in any directory.

Another good Decompiler is a Java decompiler from SourceTec (formerly named Jasmine Java Decompiler - a patch to Mocha, the well known Java decompiler).
www.srctec.com/decompiler.htm - SourceTec Java Decompiler - download and instructions.

You can read more on Developer's Daily: www.devdaily.com/java/edu/pj/

Some other decompilers:
java.sun.com/products/jdk/1.2/docs/tooldocs/win32/javap.html - javap - The Java Class File Disassembler from Sun
www.wingsoft.com/products.shtml -- WingDis - a product from WingSoft
www.ahpah.com/product.html - SourceAgain ($100 .. $300) - decompiler for Java class files, is able to correctly analyze and decompile even the most complex Java control flow, producing correct, re-compilable Java almost every time.
jode.sourceforge.net/ - JODE is a java package containing a decompiler and an optimizer for java. FREE.
www.meurrens.org/ip-Links/Java/codeEngineering/ - old page - lists some tools
home.earthlink.net/~gregstp/ClassVista.html - ClassVista is a Win32 application written using MFC which allows easy viewing of the contents of Java class files
www.sable.mcgill.ca/software - SableCC is an object-oriented framework that generates compilers and interpreters in the Java programming language
www.riis.com/book/preface.html - Decompiling Java - book by Godfrey Nolan
davenet.userland.com/1997/02/19/DecompilingJava - article about Mocha
www.mathtools.net/Java/Compilers/ - links on compilers and decompilers
www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-07-1997/jw-07-decompilers.html - article (1997) comparing 3 decompilers:
  -- DejaVu, distributed as part of Innovative Software's OEW for Java development environment (www.isg.de)
  -- Mocha, the first and most widely known decompiler
  -- WingDis - a product from WingSoft www.wingsoft.com/products.shtml

Here is how to protect your code from decompiling:
www.javaworld.com/javatips/jw-javatip22i.html - Qusay H. Mahmoud's "Protect your bytecodes from reverse engineering/decompilation"
Crema - obfuscator, the original companion of Mocha
www.e-t.com/jshrink.html - Jshrink, a Java shrinker/obfuscator